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I think that my final piece is well synchronized with the video, and doesn't overdo them to the point of humor. However, the music is pretty simplistic and could do with some more depth. I think that the buildup in the middle section is done well, because adding instruments and melody complexity is a great way to build up a piece. However, I think that the buildup in the beginning is a little bit simple and could have been changed to add more tension, maybe adding more notes that are shorter and closer together instead of drawn out ones.

Right now I respond to the piece by thinking that it is a great start, but could be improved when my musical talent improves (with any knowledge at all of notes and how to play piano, this piece would be a lot better). However, it is the best I could do right now at my current level of musical ability and knowledge of composition concepts.

At the beginning of this semester, I would have been very impressed with my current final piece. I would be impressed with my ability to create consistent loops and synchronization to the video. I also would have been very impressed with my ability to cut and fade the sound effects from given logic loops.

I think the difference between these two answers shows that I have learned a lot of practical and theoretical skill during the last five weeks and the whole semester, but there is always room to improve my skills and to know more about what I am doing.

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