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Production Timeline:

Date (2018)

Work Completed


Oct 24th

- Brainstorming ideas for project

- Did the planning worksheets

1.5 hrs

Oct 29th

- Created PowerPoint presentation describing project

2 hrs

Oct 30th

- Presented initial project idea in small groups in class

- Received criticism and feedback from professors and students

2 hrs

Oct 30th, Nov 1st

- Collected audio clips, did screen recordings for video

3 hrs

Nov 2nd

- Borrowed projector, edited and pieced together full video

5 hrs

Nov 6th

- Tested out different project presentation setups in classroom using makeshift methods (as alternatives in case we didn’t get our room booked at the right time)

3 hrs

Nov 8th

- Final presentation and critique in front of guests, professors and students

15 min

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