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Senses, Perception, Objects and Space Project

Title: Social (Anxiety) Media

Created by: Adhiti Chundur, Gauri Laxman

Our project was a projection installation that focused on the emotional weight social media adds to our lives and how the constant influx of information we receive from it affects us. We structured a visual and auditory buildup of phone notifications, news casters, and entertainment media to mirror a normal "day in the life", with a slow buildup at the beginning, the middle filled with busy activity online and finally a decrescendo into photos of the serene Himalayas. The duration of the "tranquil" section represents sleep, where we are forced to take a break from social media. The goal of the project was to highlight this stark difference between the reality we face and the relief we feel when we are whisked away from it all.

View the video below:

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