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This project was inspired by the frustrations women (and some men) face with unwanted butt slaps, pinches, or grabs. After learning about and creating some soft sensors that can be connected to a circuit to light up LEDs or produce a sound through a speaker, I thought it could be interesting to explore how we could use the same technology as a vessel for social activism. The issue butt-grabbed victims face is that most culprits feel that it is okay or fun to do it, yet often run away or try to conceal that they had done the act. While culprits may have gotten a laugh out of it, victims may feel violated and belittled. Especially due to the recent #MeToo movement, I think it's important to equip women (and men) to fend off unwanted physical contact. 

The idea of the "Do-Not-Grab" Butt Zapper is a device that someone can slip into their back pocket. When an unwanted butt grab occurs, the culprit will be zapped with a minimal electric shock that sends a strong message–do not touch!

I did not want to create a product that would draw a lot of attention to "victim," as he or she could already be feeling embarrassed by the act. Instead, the Butt Zapper could discretely teach the culprit a little lesson for touching what they shouldn't have. Of course, the Butt Zapper could also be turned off during certain situations, to avoid accidentally shocking other people. 

Please note: electrical shock will be minimal (similar to a static charge) and will not cause serious harm to culprits (except maybe bruised egos).  

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