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Process and/or Research

Concept 1:

While concepting this idea, I originally thought of using a small speaker, similar to the one I had hooked up to the circuits that I made in class. The goal was to re-program the Gemma micro-controller to create another more alarming sound or perhaps even the phrase, "Don't" when an unwanted grab occurs. I would attach a soft sensor to the outside of my back pocket and place the circuit/battery in another pocket. 

Concept 2:

However, I also began thinking of other iterations that could draw less attention to the victim. The electrical shock seemed to be an interesting option and could be more effective. To explore this further, I looked into toy electric zappers that I could incorporate into my idea (see below for reference).  Perhaps these little gadgets could be "hacked" or re-wired and be added to a soft sensor and circuit to create the Butt Zapper. By doing so, when a culprit grabs a victim's butt, the sensor would alert the zapper to send a small electric charge. 

Questions/Issues to the Concepts:

- Rewiring the circuit/sensor to incorporate the Butt Zapper

- Ensuring that the Butt Zapper is not too bulky (users may not want to use it)

- Ensuring that the electrical shock is only one-directional 

- Hiding the battery and circuit 

- Sensitivity of the sensors (how much pressure will cause the device to work?)

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