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In order to depict the path Carpet takes, I chose to use circles of different colors; my decision was inspired by the works of Kandinsky we have studied in class, particularly his piece “Several Circles” (1926). Kandinsky talked about circles of different shapes and colors having different sounds and how when these circles are combined, they can create music. Following that rule, I want to depict the music of “A Whole New World” through circles that create a path. Further inspiration for using the circle as the only shape in my composition came from learning that Kandinsky described the circle as peaceful and a representation of the human soul. Since “A Whole New World” is a powerful romantic ballad and a huge turning point in the film, I decided that the circle should be the only shape to depict the song.

The position and size of the dots are determined by the notes played in the song. When there are long, drawn out notes, or even multiple notes all around the same pitch, large circles are used to suggest a sense of stability. And when there are short, fast notes, small dots are used to suggest the fleeting nature of the notes. Furthermore, the distance between the circles suggests the distance between the notes in the song. When multiple notes are played near each other, or even when multiple instruments are overlapping their notes, dots are drawn close together. And when only a few notes are playing, especially at a slow and steady pace, the circles are drawn further apart.

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