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The Path and Background

While creating the piece, I decided to allow the path the dots take to reflect more of my interpretation of what Carpet does during the song, rather than what the notes themselves do. Therefore, there are certain dips and loops in the path that are more literal translations of the lyrics of the songs (“over, sideways, and under” and “soaring, tumbling, free-wheeling”) than the movement suggested by the music. Furthermore, because other choices in my piece, such as the size and color of the dots, are more reminiscent of the actual notes played in the song, I chose to create the path based off of the lyrics, instead, so that both would be incorporated in my composition.

Furthermore, because the song occurring in the middle of events (Aladdin and Jasmine are talking before they music starts and they talk soon after it ends), I chose to add some blank space at the beginning and end of the piece and have the dots gradually becomes more condensed at the beginning and less at the end, in order to suggest that feeling of looking at a snippet of the movie that is the song.

Originally, the background I chose was a single blue color. However, after getting some feedback that suggested the plain blue flattened the piece, I changed it so that the background was diffused blue circles of varying shades. I also added some small, diffused, white dots to suggest stars, without making them solid enough that they would appear part of the circle path.

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