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1.0 Reflection

I ended up making some major changes to accommodate the timeline for this project. I had originally planned to make the body of my holder out of wood, but living hinges take practice to perfect so I opted to bend acrylic instead (which I have more experience with). This led me to bend the hook for the bed instead of 3d printing that part because it was more simple, so the cable holders became independent parts. Also, my cardboard prototype revealed that having the cable holders on the other side would be more convenient, so I changed that around as well.

Also, while executing this plan I decided to add the side supports for strength because the acrylic seemed too brittle. A version of these was in my original design, but they were removed from the plan when I switch to acrylic only to be added back in later. Moreover, attachment also was a challenge because the original epoxy I glued them with never dried, so had to re-glue with superglue. This was another unexpected challenge.

Thus, I adapted my plan both before and during execution. Some things went perfectly (for example the slot size on the cable holders), and others were harder, but I am happy to say that I am more comfortable with the technologies that I used that I was before I began this project.

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