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I think that my composition is effective in expressing what I had intended to do, which was to provide a visual map for the “path” created by the music in “A Whole New World.” However, I don’t think that by just looking at the piece, without reading the intent behind the piece, or even the title, viewers would be able to guess that the composition was inspired by “A Whole New World.” However, there are certain aspects to it that I do think are successfully conveyed, even without a description behind my process, such as the literal path of the circles and the size of the circles. However, I don’t think this composition energizes me as much as the original song does, most likely because the energetic colors (the yellows) are generally found in the smaller circles. And while that is more reflective of my intent, it does not perfectly reflect the song in its entirety.

Before this semester, I’m not sure that I would have even understood why circles were being used to portray the song. I think that I would have found the piece interesting because it incorporated the colors found originally in the video for “A Whole New World,” but I don’t think I would have fully understood the intent behind it without have learned about Kandinsky and his work. I think that this semester has given me a better understanding of abstract works and the possible intents behind them, along with how to analyze them. It has also made me more critical, for I don’t think I would have noticed the lower level of energy in my composition, when compared with the original song, at the beginning of this semester.

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