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This will be a board that has weekly schedules that I can flip through and plan ahead on. This board will also have a spot for additional notes and a place to store my current task organizer – because while a system of lists in a small book is one that works for me, I need a platform to be able to see the bigger picture. There is one additional component that takes this planner system one step further. This system will also have four physical memory cues to associate with tasks for the day. These memory cues will be small tokens shaped as different leaves, and will have a little loop on them so they can attach to my keys, something I have to carry with me everyday anyway, so that I can have this memory cue with me all the time.

This calendar will have a minimalist aesthetic, because this aesthetic will help keep the tasks listed on the calendar have more emphasis. Minimalism also has an aura of organization. Aura, from the Benjamin reading, was the purpose of an object or the emotional response that comes with the original object within the context it was created. Additionally I wanted to incorporate inspiration from nature into my design, since plants and nature are something that I value – thus the inspiration behind the leaf tokens. 

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