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1. Intention 

For this holder project, I wanted to create a studio desk organizer that would hold my studio tools and items that are not typically addressed in a conventional desk organizer. Specifically, I wanted to create an organizer that would help serve as an upgraded kick-stand for my hot glue gun (as the thin metal frame often falls under the weight of the glue gun, thus having the glue gun topple over), help sort out my extra, leftover wood scraps, and cleanly hold my rubber bands. 

2. Research + Context 

Unlike the other previous desk organizers that I have owned, this desk organizer would be able to be personalized accordingly to what one typically uses in their day to day studio life -- in my case for the semester of Fall 2018, it is my glue gun, rubber bands, and wood scraps. These organizers would be customizable in such that the 3D printed piece would be able to swap out, and also the acrylic boxes would be able to stacked up or down, depending on how much containers one needs and/or wants. Also, as an additional measure of "fun", I wanted to incorporate some sort of element of playfulness (--in the end, going for a face that you can swap and alter by stacking the boxes in different ways) 

3. Aesthetic Inspiration

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