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5. Process and Procedure

For my process, after sketching my ideas onto paper, I prototyped the organizer in CAD modeling. I created these multiple boxes in an efficient manner by creating parameters for one box, creating that box, and then simply duplicating that box but with different parameters for the smaller, stackable boxes. Afterwards, I created a couple of cardboard prototypes to figure out if my dimensions were accurate, and then constructed my final out of different shades of acrylic. 

Also in my process, I found that in order to create stackable boxes, I would have to implement some sort ledge that would allow the box to nest, rather that just sit on top of the bottom box. After considering different types of how I could create this (adding an extra sheet of acrylic stacked flush to the inner perimeter of the bottom box, creating an overall smaller dimensioned top box, etc) I settled upon the idea of installing small ledges to the top boxes that would be flush with the inner perimeter of the lower boxes, as this allowed for the cleanest procedure of gluing my structures while utilizing the smallest amount of extra material. 

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