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The most difficult part by far of this process was creating the slots that allow the shelf to fit together. From painstakingly dimensioning them in Fusion, to re-modelling slotted faces so that I could create DXFs for each, to re-cutting components whose slots did not fully cut out. Despite the number of hours I spent modeling and creating this shelf and the number of modifications I had to make so that it would work correctly, I am very happy with how my shelf turned out. I think that it will be an incredibly useful tool in improving the organization of my desk, and I am very satisfied with its overall appearance and the effectiveness of the slots in holding it together. However, were I to make it again, I might choose slightly different materials. Even though I enjoy how the combination of wood and acrylic looks, the back and top pieces fit together in such a way with the rest of the shelf that they slide out easily, which makes transporting the shelf difficult.

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