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The repetition and lack of detail in the individuals in the crowd, slight transparency to each, and the positioning so that the brightest point is behind the crowd in order to draw the viewers eyes past them are all used to represent human contact being ignored. The reason for this is shown between the hands of each of the beings, as they hold it in a stance intentionally reminiscent of praying. The color is chosen to be similar to "drunk tank pink" based on some research on color, and is intended to be calming, making the individuals seems docile and passive. The line work is meant to juxtapose this; it is messy and gestural to create a vibrational energy and sense of unease. Overall, I'm pleased with how the final piece turned out, and I think it conveys what I intended fairly well. The feedback I received was immensely helpful in this, is the initial sketches were approaching what I was trying to achieve, but still a long ways off. I definitely think it would be interesting to see where I would have ended up if I had brought the final three pieces in for the Friday critique, but I suppose more iterations will almost always make something better.

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