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After altering the sketches, I made a cardboard prototype to test out spacing and fitting in the holder. I then started modeling on Fusion 360, because I knew I needed to give myself a lot of time to model. Modeling took a lot of time because there were so many sketches and parts to the final product. I then laser cut cardboard versions of everything I wanted to make out of wood so that I could test how parts fit together and sizing around my notebook. After altering the files I needed to, I then cut the base out of 6mm wood, the token holder and notebook holder out of 3mm wood, the whiteboards out of white acrylic, and the marker holder out of black acrylic. I then glued all the wooden parts together, and attached the smaller whiteboard. I found some bolts to use as fasteners for the weekly schedules, allow I want to find hooks (perhaps I will make some) so that the schedules are more accessible. I then used a heat gun a bent the black acrylic around the a pvc pipe so that it would have a curved shape. I then glued it into the dovetail holes in the base. 

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