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From this process I have learned that I like to put lots of parts into a design, and I need to more closely consider what is essential to the design, and keeping within the scope of the project/process. Fusion360, the laser cutters and the 3D printers are also new forms of media for me, of which I have very much enjoyed learning how to use. Media, a term used in the first article we read, is used to refer to emerging technologies, and one that people were finding all new and different uses for. Going forward I want to create a better sorting system for the tokens – which I think will be little branches – and to clean up the tokens to be colorful. I also want to find hooks for the schedules. Overall I think that this is a product that I will benefit from having and I am going to try my hardest to incorporate it into my regular life.

I also really liked the interview process we used to come up with our problem statements and solutions. It was a new ideation method for me, and one that I think I will use in the future.

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