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2. Projection and Interaction

a. With our setup, the speech of one user would affect the projection on the other person's partition. This entailed that we use two short-throw projectors that would be able to cover the partitions. 

b. The length of HDMI and audio cables were factored in to decide the position of the partitions. 

c. The projection was modeled in Processing as it facilitated better graphical design.

d. Windows was the preferred operating system for us as it enabled the use of Processing as well.

e. What we initially planned for the interaction were two sets of a microphone and a speaker. However, we stuck to a Bluetooth speaker with a built-in mic for the interaction. However, we came across an issue on the final day that didn't allow the use of them. The new 2017 MacBook Pro did not detect the built-in mic on the speaker which was detected on a 2015 MacBook Pro. 

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