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About the Process

This will be my third time writing this, so hopefully Gallery will not lose it this time. 

I took Daragh's advice and played the song a few times for me and my partner to listen to, and then once more while we danced improv style with the camera on a table after being carefully calibrated and set on autocapture. This actually turned out quite well, even though we only had a half hour in the space.

I had a difficult time getting the lighting right with the long exposures, but in the end I was satisfied with the results. I played around and ended up settling on a very tiny aperture and a 3 second exposure. This was enough to add the feeling of movement and soften the lines, but not too much that the actual dance was not captured. The stiller positions still came out best, but I kind of like the fact that the pieces chosen to represent the dance are the moments of breath, pause, thoughtfulness, and crescendo.

In the end I chose 7 pieces instead of 5, because together I felt they made the most whole story. There is a mixture of relatively clear shots, and shots with so much movement that the dancers almost look like ghosts. With my limited camera experience, I am quite impressed with our results and really happy with the outcome.

The Final Composition

Below are the images, in order from top to bottom as I would display them in real life. I suggest taking your time to make your way through them and possibly listening to the song as you go!

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