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I created an interactive experience for any user that is intended to be exploratory and thought-provoking in nature. The experience starts with a user placing a finger on the display in order for it to scan their past thoughts and then pull of a chain of related thoughts to display in succession - usually from 3-5 related thoughts. It is created in such a way that it will start with whimsical, lighthearted thoughts, and then move onto more eerie, provoking ones. There are five mini-stories that the ThoughtBox tells, and it will cycle through them with repeated interactions.

The experience was possible through the creation of a laser-cut casing for an iPhone, as well as a Ruby on Rails application that deploys to Heroku at The core language for the backend is Ruby and the frontend interactive experience is made possible with JavaScript, jQuery, and jQueryUI.

A video of all ThoughtBox mini-stories can be found at or through the embedded video below.

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