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The initial idea for the project's user experience was for random, single thoughts to be projected onto the display for as long as a user was touching the screen. This was prototyped and was found to limit the effectiveness as well as engagement with the device. To better support the main idea of the project - to create conversation around the pros and cons of thought-reading devices - the flow was altered into its final state. This final state involves a "scanning" period to increase engagement and anticipation for the device's results, then a viewing period where the user and bystanders are able to view a chain of related thoughts in full that ultimately tell a thought-provoking mini-story.

The choice of one of the five stories used to be randomized, however, I found that if a user was to receive two of the same mini-story back-to-back, then the experience quickly diminished in value. This caused me to change this to going through the mini-stories in a specific order so that a user is able to explore all of them before seeing a repeat.

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