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In 50 First Dates with Adam Sandler, his love interest, played by Drew Barrymore, has anterograde amnesia caused by a car accident which inhibits her ability to form new memories from that day moving forward. At the end of the movie, Lucy wakes up and plays a videotape marked "Good Morning Lucy". During the video, she is informed of her accident and her condition, and then shows clips of her life post-accident that she could not remember, up to the present day.

I am interested in the memory of self, and how to create and augment an identity when a user is subject to a condition where they are not aware of themselves. Focusing on those who have Alzheimer's, other dementias, or amnesias (like in the movie above). I would like to incorporate embedded technologies, such as “smart tattoos”. Imagine having a digitized image of you, your memories and personality, attached to you at all times, activated by some sort of smart hub or smartphone to be displayed on whatever screens we have in the future. The current technology would require for data to be input in, but you could foresee a future where the information is drawn from the network of sensors and data collecting devices we use daily.

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