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My prototype, though defective, was made using Particle Photon and RFID hardware. The Particle Photon was connected to an MFRC522 RFID Reader and ideally, a speaker, DFPlayer Mini and some LED lights as well. Below is some of the code that I was not able to successfully run to read the serial numbers of the (many) tags I attempted. A user would have an RFID, I envision it being embedded under the skin, that would trigger the object when held or touched, as long as the signal was within range. The object would read who is interacting with it and use that person's unique ID to play a song or audio file of significance to the user.  For example, for me, it would play some audio of the beach, in relation to my childhood in Florida. But if two used it together it would play a shared memory, such as a song loved by both or audio from a sporting event both users attended together. I thought this could be a useful feature because Alzheimer's causes you to lose your semantic memory (facts) before autobiographical (events), so if a user couldn't remember the name or relation of who they were with but the object sparked a shared memory it could bring some peace and joy to the user.

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