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Open Questions and Challenges

The space I was operating within is a very delicate topic as the disease is very detrimental to both the loved ones of and the affected person. Many questions came up relating to, is this right? will it help? would people with Alzheimer's know what to do? would they be scared with it? what are the relationships with technology that these patients have now? In regards to the "tech tattoo", the embedded RFID, would they know what it is? would they be scared of this foreign object?  

Post presentation and demo of the work, I am wondering if this project should be limited to those with Alzheimer's. I can also imagine this in a space as a group therapy sort to heal trauma. I was inspired by my classmate who did the project related to the audio of trauma playing only when the room is very quiet. Because healing is often much more successful when done with others, could a group of survivors interact with this to play sounds of the 9/11 attacks or similarly traumatic experience to come together and be resilient?

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