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After talking with the professor and TA about the practicalities of implementing my idea, I decided to focus on building a prototype that would allow those interacting with it to mimic the functionality of a fully built prototype and really place emphasis on this idea of all or nothing and the intentionality with which we might choose what we're remembering.

The object itself is a Stone cone made of concrete with a 32 GB flash drive and extension cord coiled inside. A tail pokes out one side and allows the memories to be viewed and recalled. A loop sticks out the other end--a constant, visual reminder that the Stone's owner has the ultimate power in choosing or forgetting memory-aiding references. The concrete makes the object heavy, gives it a weight--justified by the weight of memories and the place the impactful ones, the ones we're likely to store have in creating who we are.

"Cutting the cord" is a crude, rudimentary action, as any excision of memories would be--users literally have a knife to carve the memory-referencing moments from their lives.

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