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I found this project fun to work through. I think that looking at the large questions that can come up when looking at sharing memories and experiences, especially the ones that we may not normally think about in our day-to-day lives. I think that perception and reaction was an interesting topic to reflect on during this project because it has made me think more about the multitude of possibilities that we never consider our actions can cause. Also when we are designing, as designers I think we always tend to think about the most positive and optimal outcome and reaction, so the experience going through this project has got me thinking about other projects I am working on and how the experiences I am designing could be misinterpreted from the desired interpretation that I want. In addition, I learned some new technical skills including wiring the LEDs. I am help with the outcome I produced. I think that I was able to work around my lack of technical skills in developing an outcome that demonstrated what I was imagining with my design and to a fidelity that I desired for this quick project. I think for the next projects I would like to produce results and prototypes that people can interact with in real-time. 

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