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Open Questions and Challenges

After presenting my work and getting my first bit of feedback, I see more options to think about. Votive candles are usually a community instrument, a way for a community of people to individually offer up their prayers. There's options for this project to move out of the home and become a community tool. Maybe you could add your own photos of those you want to remember and a digital picture frame would scroll through photos of those who are being prayed for. 

The candles could also move out of the passive realm and into the active one, notifying users of remembrance days or otherwise provoking meditation and introspection. I personally don't like this idea as much as the act feels more hostile, where the act of peaceful memory shouldn't be forced as much, and overall it feels too prying. However, this doesn't discount it as a future option.

Moving on to the next unit, I think this question of sanctity should be remembered. Forgetting is an act that we should be mindful of. Why does the user want to forget? If it's something like grief, shouldn't we let them grieve in peace? It's something to keep in mind.

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