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Project-wise, I never really considered any need for networked solutions and was very much about an unobtrusive, physical object. While I still prefer the project that way, I'll want to be more broad in terms of ideas going into a group project. If I were to continue with this project, I'd consider other options in terms of activation. Perhaps instead of toggle switches connecting the LEDs to a constant powered line, I could jank the wiring to a controllable LED strip, so that all the lights could be controlled through an Arduino and a single output instead of 31 individual lines. 

Personally, I need to really loosen up on my tolerances. If the top cover was a large open channel instead of individual circles, it would have accommodated the unforeseen offsets. I also need to be more thoughtful in terms of time budgeting. I once thought I could do all 31 candles, but soldering just 10 was a drag and a couple hour investment. Because of that, I ended up with 26 spare tea candles (there's always a use for those) and about 30 spare toggle switches ( I could return about 20, but that's much more situational). 

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