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Describe your experience/working prototype: What did you create, how, etc.? What tools and technologies were involved? Include appropriate content and illustration (e.g. a concept video, a video of the device in operation, diagrams, code, etc.)

My prototype is an experience simulation of an interactive gallery of photos that slowly fades over time. I programmed the interface using Processing, a coding platform suited for visuals and image manipulation. The gallery displays photos in a grid, and selected photos are displayed full screen. The user can customize the album by uploading a set of their own images within the same file folder as the code file. Each image has a recall count which tracks the number of times the image has been viewed. Progression of time is simulated by pressing the Control button which increments the number of days passed. Each day, the photos fade a little more, and the recall count is what influences how well a photo is preserved over time. Images viewed more often are less affected by the fading effect and are displayed more clearly as a result. Through this fading mechanism, I wanted to recreate how our natural memory system functions, as events we remember most often are better facilitated and recalled more easily. In the end, the user is left with a curated selection of photos they have viewed most often. 

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