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Describe how you arrived out the outcome. What iterations, refinements, design decisions and changes were made?

   My design process started with brainstorming ideas for how the gallery would appear. I tried to base the design off my own phone’s image gallery as it embodied both functionality and familiarity with its clean white background and scrolling grid of images. In my storyboard, I first envisioned the gallery as a mobile app, but I switched to a computer out of convenience and the added advantage of a larger screen size for display. I also intended for the photos to have the blur effect rather than the fade effect as this could further distort the photos. However, using the blur filter slowed down my program, so I switched to the more efficient fading mechanism. In the end, this was better because the fading was able to create a more prominent change. While coding the prototype, I made similar small changes like this to the original design. So the final product had a few extra features added such as the days passed count and the feature to view recall count by hovering over the image.  

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