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Open Questions and Challenges

What questions remain to be addressed or questions about memory did this exploration raise for you. What are the things we should pay attention to/discuss in class for future explorations?

  • Should forgetting be implemented into machines and everyday technology? For instance, should there be a means for photos/messages/internet histories to delete themselves over the course of time or is it better to have them remain forever?

  • How is technology influencing the way we recall things and remember events? We are so reliant on our phones and devices to store information and reminders, we no longer rely as much on our natural memory abilities. Sometimes we’ll take a picture of something to document it into our machine’s memory, rather than live in the moment and encode the actual experience into our minds.

  • What are the drawbacks of technology that remembers everything?

  • What are the benefits which come with forgetting?

  • How can machines be built to replicate human memory functions?

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