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As an engineer, I tend to think in terms of problem-solution and design for practicality. However, in the making of this project, I became comfortable with asking heavy, answer-less questions and critically design to further stir more questions, rather than to solve a problem. My design is more conceptual than practical, especially because I do not currently have the skills required to really embed technological devices into food that would be safe to consume. Having built this project with the goal of effectively portraying my idea interactively, rather than with the goal of solving a real world problem, is what I wanted to get out of this project; I was able to question the world around me and ponder about future possibilities in a critical way that exposes frictions and issues we would otherwise not think about in our day to day lives.

Regarding technical skills learned, I familiarized myself with Arduinos and Processing. Although I cannot track blood glucose or cortisol levels while consuming a certain food without invasively measuring the data, I could track heart and breathing rates externally with existing equipment. Using the information gathered over a certain period of time, I could create a video or GIF that would show that progression, instead of using a still image to display on the screen with randomized numbers standing in as the fake biometric data. 

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