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My prototype uses the following components:

- 3 yellow LED lights

- 1 green LED light

- Particle system (rme 17)

- 1 side switch

- 1 push button

- 2 10K Ω resistors

- 4 330 Ω resistors

- Wires

To use my device, the particle system must be connected with a USB to the computer.  After connecting it, flip the switch up to view the light display, which will repeat after 3 seconds if you leave the switch flipped.  After showing someone the light display, flip the switch and have the "test subject" repeat the pattern to the "experimenter" (the person who knows the correct order).  The "test subject" is told that if they get it correctly that the "experimenter" will click a button to light up a green light that they were correct.  However, in actuality, the "experimenter" will continuously tell the person their answer is wrong.

See link below for a video of it in motion:

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