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I learned a lot from this project.  It was a nice refresher for me in coding and wiring in C.  I also learned how to use the particle system, which was really similar to an Arduino Uno, which was nice since I worked with that in the past in Physical Computing.  This project also more importantly taught me how fragile memory is since I looked into researching surrounding that topic and ended up testing it out on people.

Going forward with this project, I think it would be interesting to look into the effect the "verifier" has on the players.  I would like to create another project with the same pattern and everything, but no external validater instead the machine is completely autonomous.  This new one would work with the buttons like originally planned.  After I would have the same number of test subjects try one of the projects and compare their reactions to see what the effect is.  I think the "verifier" adds an extra pressure to the player and a extra sort of legitimacy to their answer being wrong, so they'll think that they really are wrong instead of the machine being broken in the other case.  I also think it makes the player less likely to drop the game, but it would be interesting to see if my guesses are right.  I'd also like to work on the aesthetic of the project and make it better looking by hiding the wires and making the lights more visible and the buttons easier to press when making the autonomous one. 

I also think it would be interesting to put the autonomous one in public places and get people to try it out and then afterwards explain to them the purpose of the project and direct them to research surrounding false memories in an effort to raise awareness on this question and get people talking.

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