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The original intention of this project was to find a way to detect, record, and store laughter, which was to be triggered and played at a later point in time. I was transfixed on the idea of live capture memory and figured that the best way to capture genuine laughter was to find a way to make the device intelligent to capture these pockets of joy. Due to a time constraint, however, I was only able to configure the device to trigger laughter clippings. Another modification I made came from using the Arduino Uno as opposed to the given Photon Particle, which was due to past experience with the Arduino and a reservoir of resources for the Arduino community. Additionally, I was unable to use the given external speaker since my computer did not have a micro SD slot to export music data into the given micro SD card. YouTube thus came in handy for the various laughter clippings. In the end, I was able to recreate the original idea using the speakers from my laptop with the original action-triggered event still intact.

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