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But this concept was commented by Daragh that might depend too much on future technology, as well as it puts a strong negative opinion on the technology and does not offer enough space of discourse. 

Therefore, I pivot to a little bit more to the near future and attempt to hold my opinion on it, instead to provide a possibility of future technology and discussing the consequences or potential scenarios that may occur with the technology. 

I borrowed  a wooden souvenir of my friend as a path way to trigger the memory. The souvenir was initially collected and  purchased in Japan, which help him reminiscing his past experience of that period of time in Japan, since he spent almost a whole year there. So he always places this object on his desk. I choose the incense mixed with cherry blossom scent, which I got it from the conversation of the best associate scent with his memory. Then I decide combined with an AR app to recognized this souvenir and trigger the device to diffuse that smell.

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