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Open Questions and Challenges

The project still left many questions and challenges to ask.

  1. I didn't make a real odor display due to the time limitation, but adding a inventory of different smell that can be mixed by the device is hard. Especially how to decide which odor to add, which not. Should a user determines how many and what kinds of odor should in the box? Would it be able to diffuse interesting smells that are enough to recall the memories?
  2. How to decide what scent is associating with an object? Should users decide by themselves, or should it be automatically collected and stored?
  3. We store the GPS, time data associated with a photo or video, what if the sensor can actually collect and store the scent information along the way? Is it ethical to collect it? What if it reveals some of  your private information? For example, it reveals another women's perfume when he has an affair. 
  4. If we do widely have the odor data as a promise, what products or services may take place? For example, like I demonstrated in the storyboard, would it cause some unexpected results, or making people annoyed by keeping diffusing the smell? If it can amplify our memory,  what if the connection of the smell and memory is too strong that it becomes hard to avoid?
  5. In  this prototype, I used a phone to recognized an object, but why it's important to pull out the phone and scan an object? What the experience would be like? What can be used with this type of technology?

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