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After spending some time looking at it, I’m beginning to wonder if I had to be so literal with the piece. What I mean by that is, from my explanation and analysis, it seems like I’m relying heavily on colors and motifs to get my meaning across so it might have been possible to strip away the forms and the human shapes while still carrying the message across – at the same time, the act of dancing is special to me so I would still want to keep some kind of representation (perhaps not so literal) of dancing intact. Also, I listened to the song again while viewing the piece, and I’m beginning to wish I had chosen a warmer color palate. With all the blues and purples throughout that piece, while is has a intimate feel to it, it is a lot of just pure cool colors. Having a warmer palate with more reds and yellows would have complemented the song itself better because the song has that sentimental warm feel to it.

Before this semester I think I still would have appreciated it to some extent. I definitely wouldn’t have cared much for the colors in the piece but I would have probably thought it was “cute” and then quickly moved on. From quickly looking the piece over, it’s obvious to see a little girl, then an older girl and then a married woman so I would have quickly formed the idea that the daughter was growing up and moved on. Because it’s not as abstract I wouldn’t have really spent time looking at it because I would think “ok, I get the idea, let’s move on”.

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