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In  this project, I firstly employ the critical design and speculative design methods, even though my project is still not critical enough to rise the questions. I felt that it's easy to fall into the old trap of using design to solve a problem, rather than asking a question. From the project and the lectures, I realized that design can be used to push us into the future, and think about how a future technology can enable various situations, and those situations are not necessarily all good, but could be also problematic.

In addition, from the demo day, I learned that using a storyboard or a storytelling method is how  important to convey one's concept, even it's a demo presentation, but with a good story to imagery the scenario, audiences would be more engaging. Especially describing a scenario up front, make people enter that context is very critical.

Moreover, I kept thinking about the question Daragh asked in the class, what is the experience I would imagine users to use this device. I think for a purpose of reminiscing, it still feels thin. What if it can be used for training, like to enhancing people's ability to associate a certain odor with an object? Like a cook might need it to remember a lot of different smell of  Cheese. Or what if it can be used to help Alzheimer's patients to remember things they cannot remember? I think my scenario is not convincing enough to rise up many questions for discourse, which is something I want to explore for next project.

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