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Describe your experience/working prototype: What did you create, how, etc.? What tools and technologies were involved? Include appropriate content and illustration (e.g. a concept video, a video of the device in operation, diagrams, code, etc.)

My prototype utilizes the following components:

-1 LCD screen

-Arduino UNO

-1 Potentiometer

-1 Adafruit PN532 NFC/RFID Controller Shield for Arduino

-3D Printed PLA coin tag enclosures.

-Circular adhesive rewritable NFC tag


The device works as follows: An NFC tag-embedded coin is placed on the Adafruit NFC shield. The device then reads and reports any existing content stored in the tag via the serial monitor and LCD screen. If the tag already has a message, then the device asks the user whether they wish to erase the existing content. The user responds via the serial monitor. Once the tag is empty, the user is given the option to write new content to the coin. The user can input both text and URL links. Once the information has been written on the tag, it is ready to be used. Most smartphones are NFC-enabled and can be used to read NFC tags simply by tapping the tag on the phone. Alternatively, the encoding device can also be used to read the information. Below is a video demonstrating how the device is operated along with screenshots of the NFC readout on an Android phone and a copy of the code:

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