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"Neon God" by Jacob Slone is a response to Simon & Ganfunkel's "The Sound of Silence". It is a critical look at technology and how it affects our communication. Though technology can make communication easier, does the quality of this communication remain the same? If not, what does that say about us that we would rather communicate more easily than communicate more clearly?

The artist attempted to reproduce the feelings of isolation among masses by using symbolism with the cell phones, and by creating a crowd of indistinguishable, featureless beings that are almost transparent. These, accompanied with the compositional choice to draw the eyes past the crowd are used to mimic the feeling of looking past everyone in a crowd, avoiding to make eye contact so that you don't have to stop and speak with anyone, make this isolation feel like it has been chosen by the viewer.

The unstable composition and messy, gestural line work are used to create a feeling of unease, and are juxtaposed by the pacifying color palette in an attempt to make the piece feel somewhat insidious.

Overall, it is the goal of the piece to make the viewer think more critically about their relationship with technology and how it affects how they communicate.

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