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I then started testing with the acrylic once I was happy with the overall shape. I created prototypes to help me test and learn which methods are best. 


  • Overheating the acrylic causes bubbles to form, leaving that texture within the form 
  • Using a nonsmooth surface to curve the acrylic leaves extra dents and bumps 
  • After heating and bend the acrylic, the tab would not fit in the slot because the form changed
  • Acrylic glue leaves a mark after it dries so I used Gorilla Glue instead 
  • Bending using a spoon produced inconsistent results and caused strange curves in the sides of the form (see rightmost image below)
  • The best way to create the form I wanted was to bend it by hand into just a simple half-moon shape that was consistent throughout the entire form. 

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