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Then I created the final design using white and green acrylic. The Gorilla Glue worked great to bond the tab to the main form. I prototyped and tested the various interactions. I had fun making tea and testing out the interactions and refining them. Through testing, I realized that the bear was not long enough and actually extended the length. I also reduced the tab length to create a smaller and more elegant design. 

Focus on Craft

I created numerous prototypes in order to refine my level of craft. After experimenting with the different glue and keeping the paper on the acrylic, I was able to get a clean finish. I made sure to not put excess glue and only put it on the surfaces that were in contact to hide the fact that I used glue. I prevented the bubbling by timing how long I would heat up each part: 30 seconds for the body and 20 for the tab. I also added additional features such as the eyes and tail in order to make the animal feel more friendly. 

The interaction between the cup, the tea bag, and the holder was essential to the design. I played with the ratios of the body and the tabs in order to perfect the interaction. I needed to make sure there was enough space on the body for the tea bag. If the tab was too short, it was not able to hold onto the cup and if the tab is too long, it interferes with the space needed for the tea bag when it rests on the table. 

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