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The hologram, to me, represents an intimate experience. I used this idea to prototype 'The Rewind Button'. 

In this project, I was inspired by research done at USC where holograms were used to document the past, store information. Here is an excerpt from the article: 

"So far, 16 survivors – 15 from the Holocaust and one from the 1937 Nanjing Massacre – have been interviewed for the project. Each survivor selected to participate has also given his or her testimony to the Institute’s Visual History Archive, which contains 55,000 video testimonies of survivors and witnesses of the Holocaust and other genocides. But DiT is a new kind of initiative. The survivors were interviewed surrounded by cameras arranged in a rig to capture a three-dimensional recording of them telling their story in a new way, by answering questions that people are most likely to ask."

This project inspired me. This made me think about the possibility of bringing someone back to life, to carry a loved one with you wherever you go. This heavily influenced my design. I prototyped 'The Rewind Button' to be small, to allow it to be as a manoeuvrable as possible.

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