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I used scissors, tape, and cardboard to begin my prototype. I thought the cardboard would be effective to work with because the acrylic sheets that I were planning to use were about the same thickness as cardboard, about 1/8th of an inch. I first began by trying to find the right measurements for the cup sleeve. Although it was easy to cut out the shape of the cut sleeve with the correct measurements, it took me a while to actually find what those measurements were because the cup sleeves were arc-ed instead of having straight edges, so I had to do quite a few calculations before I finally found the measurements. Then I attempted to begin making the upper half of the handle. I imagined it to be pretty much geometric and thought that it would hold better together if I made the sides all fit like a puzzle piece. I did not try to make the bottom half because even though it would also be a 3-D shape, I was planning on using a heat gun to make it a curved 3-D object and it was difficult to do that with just scissors and cardboard. I did not think the measurements would be precise enough.

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