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Iteration 1

I chose two types of acrylic to use: clear and frosted. I really enjoy being able to see what I am drinking because I think that of all the many types of tea there are, the colors that they make are very beautiful. I made the shapes that I wanted to laser cut through Illustrator and saved it as a PDF file. I then moved it onto CorelDraw in the MakerSpace Lab to laser cut. Using the clear acrylic sheet, I cut the pieces that form the sleeve and handle. To make the cup sleeve, I used the heat gun to mold the sleeve into the shape of my glass cup. With this being my first time using a heat gun, I accidentally heated one part of the cup sleeve to much and it started melting. I also found it difficult to mold it perfectly against the cup so the circle I was trying to form was not perfect. In the end, my cup sleeve was too small. I also accidentally dropped the glass cup I was using to mold it with and it shattered. Luckily, I have several of these glass cups so it was okay. When trying to make the cup handle, I could not figure out a way to attach the handle I was envisioning. At first I thought I could make a hole into the sleeve and just insert the handles into the hole, but because the surface of the cup is rounded and the acrylic used to make the cup sleeve was so small, it was difficult to find the right measurements and the cup handle would not have enough support to stay attached to the sleeve. 

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