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Iteration 3 - Final Product

I reprinted the cup sleeve with the new measurements and finally got the cup sleeve to come together and close around the cup. After I glued the cup sleeve ends together, I used the heat gun on it as it was placed on the glass cup in an attempt to make the circles it formed more accurate, but I ended up burning the glue that was used so there are some brownish and orange-ish spots where the glue is. Creating the cup handle took around 10 iterations to get the measurements right for the circles sitting on the top and the bottom. After I found the right measurements for them, I made the cutout for the handle on CorelDraw. I used the heat gun to form the shape of the handle, and then glued it onto the cup sleeve with a hot glue gun. The glue was a little messy because I positioned the handle wrong at first and had to pry it apart and re-glue it together. However the end product came out pretty well for my first time building something that was not legos.

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