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The object itself is a Stone cone made of concrete with a 32 GB flash drive and 6 foot extension cord coiled inside. A tail pokes out one side and allows the memories to be viewed and recalled. A loop sticks out the other end--a constant, visual reminder that the Stone's owner has the ultimate power in accessing or forever ending access to the interior memories. The Stone is surprisingly heavy, a solid object that gives the interior memories an impression of importance and heft, despite the actual weightlessness of their digital forms.

The loop sticking out of the front of the Stone becomes one of the primary focal points of the object. What is it for? It invites grabbing, touching, engagement, and so serves to remind the owner of the power they hold to reminiscence or cut ties with their past. "Cutting the cord" is a crude, rudimentary action, users snipping the cord with a pair of scissors, a quick, irreversible action that should cause a moment of pause. In the event of a severing, the external-to-the-cone loop makes the severed connection visually salient--a reminder of the severed connection and impenetrability of the concrete blocking access to the memories held within.

The mold I used for the object is below. It's simple--a cup holding a flash drive, and a six foot extension cord with a tail and a loop sticking out the side.

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