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This Particle code allows the Photon to communicate with the DFPlayer Mini and the microphone. It measures sound in 50 ms increments and delays recording so that the hat does not pick up on its own sound when it is playing the file. When the increment's sound is below the threshold, the hat automatically plays the recording on the DFPlayer Mini. This code was modified from a DFPlayer sample in class and an example sound level measuring code from Adafruit, found at this link:

In addition, I recorded a 15-second rant (based on accounts of C-PTSD survivors' intrusive thoughts) on Audacity and split the recording into 5 .mp3 files to upload to the DFPlayer Mini. I originally intended for the code to randomly select a recording from the group of 5, but because I wanted to keep things simple I uploaded only 1 file. 

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