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What drives the hat's screaming is a simple circuit that comprises a microphone, a speaker, a DFPlayer Mini, and a Photon (please disregard the potentiometer, as it's irrelevant). The Photon already sends 3V to the breadboard to power the electronics, so there is no need for an external power source. The DFPlayer Mini reads a micro SD that contains a sound file that I recorded. Upon testing the microphone, I found that it doesn't have a very wide range and requires close proximity or extremely loud noises in order to pick up sound.

The hat itself was designed in Rhino and laser cut from cardboard. It measures approximately 16" in diameter, making it a very oversized and exaggerated hat that can fit all sizes. It has a compartment at the top to hold the circuit, as well as a whimsical (if not a little creepy) smiley face on the front. The humorous and cheery nature of the hat's packaging is juxtaposed with the upsetting, intense recordings that it plays.

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