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Above are maps generated for this project. I experimented with different styles and projections. These images were generated with my code and filtered through an edge detection algorithm, so the laser cutter can cut the edges directly rather than cutting by the value of the pixel directly. Each image is paired with the output from the edge detection filter. Top left: a rotated version of the standard equirectangular map projection. This is essentially the same projection we normally see used for maps, just rotated to place the distorted poles of the image in the oceans. Top Right: The fisheye projection at around 360 degrees. This is similar to the projection used in the UN logo. Middle/Bottom Left: The projection used in the UN Logo with and without clouds. The edges from the clouds make the landmasses almost indiscernible. Bottom Right: A starmap centered on the Orion constellation. 

The first design I tried cutting the starmap. 

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